Kohler Distributing Company, headquartered in Hawthorne, New Jersey, is the largest beverage distributor in its Northeast New Jersey territory – Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, and Morris counties as well as Union, Essex and Hudson counties – selling more beer than all its competitors combined.

Kohler Distributing Company is a second generation family business that started from humble roots when Andy and Irene Graham purchased the Kohler Distributing Company in 1947. From that small business – selling 50,000 cases annually – Kohler has steadily grown to a 7.5 million case, $230-million, 300-employee, 70-truck operation that currently maintains over a 60 share of market in its core NJ territory.

Kohler’s growth through the years has been a result of hard work, attentive service, great brands, foresight, and a little bit of luck. Furthermore, the company’s advancement was continued without skipping a beat when the second generation – Gary and Scott Graham – took control of the company when their father retired in 1983.

In the ensuing consolidation of brewing companies, brands and wholesalers, Gary and Scott have made proactive steps to not merely survive, but to grow and prosper. As recently as 1990, Kohler was just a 3-million case distributor, with over a dozen competing wholesalers in its market area.

In 2004, Kohler invested in the future by opening its 240,000. ft. state-of-the-art warehouse and offices in Hawthorne, New Jersey. Today – after 25 consecutive years of growth – Kohler has surpassed 7-million cases in annual sales.

Kohler Distributing Company is one of only a handful of servicing wholesalers, and – by far – the biggest in their market area with a 62 share of the market. Kohler looks confidently to the future, with the operational capacity, people resources and management team to keep a step ahead of the ever-changing beer, spirits and wine beverage market.

In 2018, Kohler successfully purchased two Miller only wholesalers in their respective territory. “Our 2017 acquisition has consolidated our portfolio and positioned us to continue to be the market leader in Northern New Jersey”- Frank Politano. Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

Kohler works in partnership with over 50 suppliers to sell merchandise and deliver more than 400 brands and over 1800 SKUs. Kohler’s primary suppliers are MolsonCoors, Constellation, Heineken USA, Boston Beer Company, Yuengling Brewing Company, Mike’s, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Montauk as well as numerous craft, RTD’s, spirits and wine.

Kohler’s 7-county market area is home to almost 7 million people, and it includes Bergen County, New Jersey’s most populated county. Furthermore, because there is significant activity in retail, business, corporate, entertainment and sports in northeast New Jersey, beer consumption levels are boosted far beyond what the resident population figures would support.